DX - Direct Exchange geo-thermal

Our main product line, The Great Aire Comfort System is a direct exchange ground coupled heat pump designed to eliminate many of the drawbacks experienced by conventional heat pump systems. This system uses copper tubes placed deep within the ground to utilize the constant temperature of the earth as a source or sink of heat to be transferred to a circulating refrigerant. Depending upon the direction of flow of the refrigerant and the operating pressure of the cycle, the unit can be used to either perform heating or air conditioning functions.

There are three primary components to an operational system: the earth taps which serve as the direct source of heat exchange with the ground, the compressor unit which regulates the flow of refrigerant through the system, and the air handler where the air sent into the house is conditioned. In order to maximize efficiency and thermal capacity, the refrigerant heat exchange fluid undergoes a phase change underground. This necessitates that the cycle be able to control the flow rates of both liquid and vapor simultaneously

The earth taps are approximately 65 feet long pieces of tubing inserted into the ground in holes drilled with a rock or mud rotary drill. The holes are drilled at an angle and fan outward from two central manifolds buried several feet below the ground surface. The use of heavy walled copper tubing ensures excellent heat transfer characteristics. Lines run from the manifolds to the compressor unit. This earth tap system requires only a single coolant loop and avoids the problems associated with intermediate fluids and additional pumping systems. The system also requires neither ground water sources nor costly deep wells for operation. It can be sited in a compact
area with relative ease.  

The compressor unit is responsible for controlling the flow of refrigerant through the earth taps. This central unit can be located either inside or outside a home or building and has dimensions of 27"x20"x19". For applications requiring more than five tons of
cooling, multiple units may be required.

The air handler, connected to the compressor unit, is where the heat is transferred from the unit and circulated into the rest of the building. In heating mode, the typical air supply temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit, providing comfortable warmth for any application. While ECR Industries does not provide the actual air handler to work with our systems, we work closely with HVAC technicians to ensure that a system is constructed to provide our customers with efficient and comfortable heating and cooling.

Additional energy savings can be achieved through incorporating our hot water heating option into an installation. This option makes use of the efficiency of the heat pump for heating your water. The efficiency ratings of The Great Aire Comfort System are exceptionally high. In the heating mode, there are models available with coefficients of performance (COP's) of up to 5.0. In the cooling mode, efficiencies range over 20 EER. The COP of the fully integrated hot water heating option can be as high as 4.25, which can significantly reduce the cost of heating water. This graph illustrates the efficiency of the Great Aire Comfort System relative to available alternatives. The graph below illustrates the Great Aire Comfort System relative to available alternatives.

ECR Industries Inc. was founded in the mid 1980''s as a company dedicated to developing better products for the emerging high efficiency heating and cooling market. After considerable review of the available options, the company selected direct exchange Advanced Geothermal Technology because of the potential for extremely high efficiencies over the life of the equipment, improved customer comfort, reduced impact on the environment, and lower
installed cost.

After several years of development, innovation, and improvement, a product emerged to meet the performance and economic demands of the competitive market. Our current product line, The Great Aire Comfort System, features the most advanced direct exchange geothermal technology available at a price that
is extremely cost-competitive. Our current generation of products has been on the market now for seven years, having been tested and approved by numerous utility companies, including: Delmarva Power & Light, Jersey Central Power &
Light, and the Philadelphia Electric Company.

Geographically, our business base is primarily in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic region of the United States (though we are certainly willing to work with HVAC contractors in other regions to allow more customers to take advantage of this ultra-efficient technology). We have contractors interspersed throughout this region and have installations running in almost all states from Maine down to South Carolina. We are headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania, approximately one hour northwest of Philadelphia.